What Is My Internet Crash Course?


My Internet Crash Course was born as an idea, more of a tool to encourage people to claim their own power that they have access to within. We belief that by teaching others the essentials about blogging and how to get started on the internet by building a successful business online, we propagate what we stand for, absolute freedom.


If we can teach people how to blog for fun then why not teach them how to blog for fun and profit from it at the same time? We stand for absolute freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech, spiritual freedom, physical freedom and above all financial freedom.


Over 85% of the world's population used to be self-proprietors before the 1,900's. Everyday, more people are desperate to be free and not have to be a slave to their jobs. We believe that by teaching people to develop an extra stream of income(s) we are  uplifting humanity to a higher good. Freed people are happier people and the world is a better place.


Chasing the American dream, Juan found himself working the corporate world, which he was not too keen of. Inspired after learning what others were doing online, he decided to go ahead and venture as well. Not really knowing how to get started, he decided to persevere. He struggled. He almost gave up! But he kept going!


Today, his mission is to teach others how to succeed online and be part of a larger movement which we believe is shaping humanity to a higher good, by empowering people with the abilities, mindset and skills training necessary to build successful business online, hence the creation of My Internet Crash Course's "5 Steps To Success," where he teaches others all there is to know about blogging and building a business online.


As part of his team, we proudly work together to develop traffic generation strategies in addition to improving our blogging practices as we pass it on to others willing to learn.


In our "5 Steps To Success" you will be guided as to what blogging platform  is the best for you according to your needs and what you can do to monetize your passions and turn them into a business.


Once the course is complete, you will still get our latest tips on what is working and what is not so you may model in your business.


To your success,


My Internet Crash Course team

About Your Host

Juan Florez

Juan in addition to helping us run My Internet Crash Course, also has his own KALATU blog where he shares his travel adventures on the road as well as great tips on internet marketing, video ranking and pay-per-click training tips.


Travel and kite-surfing are his two strongest passions, in addition to helping others how to succeed online!


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